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Derren Brown Showman - Theatre Review

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Showman is one of the most intimate and honest shows a seasoned performer like Derren Brown could provide. It is a peculiar event to review, as to spill the smallest of secrets of the show would be detrimental to your unique viewing, so will try my best to tell you what happened without telling you what happened - quite frankly the show was so astounding that you should go watch it yourself!

The show runs for two and a half hours and is full to the brim with light shows, intimate magic, large scale illusions and most importantly showmanship! As soon as I entered the theatre Frank Sinatra’s ‘That’s Life’ was playing out across the auditorium, the stage was empty with a backdrop projected on the walls.

The show starts with one of Derren’s trademark audience interactions, which happen throughout the show, a combination of elimination techniques or blindly throwing a frisbee at a balding man's head as he frantically waves an overenthusiastic hand are his favourite selection methods. Those nervous few who made it to the stage were quickly put at ease by Derren, his use of audience elevates them to his level, oppose to belittling them like some holiday camp hypnotist.

Unlike his previous shows Derren did not base the entire show on a final wrap up and call-back bringing the whole experience together, but instead the theme was clear throughout and told a beautiful and true story. Midway through the show Derren announces the reason behind the writing of the show and explores the narrative in a very touching moment shared with a select few audience members which is enough to bring some to tears.

Flipped to the more emotive performance of magic you simply do not get from other performers, were the comedy and ‘oh my god, how did you do that’ moments of the show, which still a day later I cannot get my head around - the man has invaded my mind with his toolbox of tricks and rearranged my memory. The show will take your mind to places you have never been before and understand illusion in a way you never felt possible.

Tickets are still available for his tour, and I heavily encourage as many people as humans possible to pack out the auditoriums for his shows and gets the chance to experience this man doing what he does best, and see what is achieved when you dedicate your life to an art.


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