"Shot down in lockdown" is an online, interactive murder mystery event, organised by events company Future Functions, and starring members of ETC, to raise money for Cavendish Cancer Care.

Nothing ever happens in the quiet village of Little Byron. A cat runs across a road and it makes front page news. That is, until the body of Vicky Spencer, chair of the Parish council, is discovered, and foul play is suspected. Together with Detective Derek Dobbs, it's up to you to untangle the intricate web of relationships connecting the suspects, and ultimately solve the murder of Vicky Spencer. Do you have what it takes?

This is an interactive event, in which you will study clues, such as social media posts, newspaper articles and personal items belonging to suspects, before being given the chance to interrogate each suspect individually.

This show is available on the Elemental Theatre YouTube, or on the 'Shot Down in Lockdown' page on this website.

Cast list:

Norris Brown  -  Tom Morley

Graham Davis  -  Tom Stevenson

Paul Lawrence  -  Chris Stevenson

Emma Lawrence  -  Paula Heeley

Sarah Miller  -  Rhian McAleese

Derek Dobbs  -  Ed Turner

Vicky Spencer  -  Elise Radford

Peter Bishop  -  Samuel Burbage

Normal Ellison  -  Ezra Fiddimore

Claire Wickham  -  Ellie Sewell

Amy Jones  -  Rebecca Morris

Stephen Davis  -  Josh Rising

*** Disclaimer ***

The above promotional video has no relevance to the murder mystery - all clues will be revealed on the night.



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