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In a world where it's okay to be gay, with pride marches and celebrations in the LGBT community one gay actor is struggling to come to terms with how to 'be gay'.
Created as a response to performed sexuality and the social debate of 'gay parts for gay actors', follow the unnamed protagonist in this one-man LGBT comedy as he deals with family, friends, love, sex and work. What is it like to be part of the community? How difficult is dating for a same-sex couple? Are there any restrictions at work? Can an understanding family become a barrier to being your true self?

Written and Performed by Tom Stevenson, with an estimated 1 hour run time.

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Thursday 9th of March - The Big Difference, Leicester 

Tuesday 21st of Match - The Riverhead Theatre, Louth

Thursday 20th and Fri
day 21st of April - The Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham


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